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A career in higher education is the most classic path for academics to take, with the ultimate goal being a tenured professorship. Not that long ago, it was effectively the only option for academics and still many of the most famous scientists enjoy balancing their research and writing with a teaching position at a university. The appeal of this final goal is clear: a permanent position with the variety of serious research, the time to work on long publications and the possibility to impart your knowledge to postgrads and undergrads alike. A chair at a university is a sure sign that you have achieved significant prestige in your field and is usually a reward for a number of high quality, peer-reviewed journal articles.

However, no academic is alone in recognising the perks this career path has to offer, and positions at all stages of the higher education career ladder are hotly contested. It is still the mainstream choice to choose a traditional doctorate at a university, and this is perhaps the simplest option. You will probably already have an insight into how higher ed institutions work, and may even know that where you did your undergraduate degree is where you want to stay for your postgraduate studies. However, as an early-career researcher things become even more competitive and you need to be prepared to consider many postdoc jobs before you find the one for you.

academics.com can be your guide as you work your way through your career in higher ed. No one automatically knows how to take the next step and it can be tricky to find out what you need to secure that perfect job in the perfect faculty of the perfect university. Here is where academics.com comes into its own. Here you can find information about doing a doctorate degree in Germany, networking for a successful career in academia, career prospects for postdocs, as well as all sorts of other content to help you maximise your career's potential and find the right higher education job.

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