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Natural science is the umbrella term for a number of different individual research fields, and as such a natural sciences job can entail all kinds of exciting prospects. Whether you are looking for vacancies in Chemistry, or jobs in Physics, Earth Sciences or any number of other fascinating fields, they can all be found from here. By definition, the term also includes life sciences, but for the sake of ease, we separate the two so you can find close matches to your specific interest. This subject remains one of the most prestigious of any research area, and those with degrees in related fields are in high demand in industry.

Natural sciences research also has a high level of prestige and is among one of the best-funded fields. Although research funding has become harder to secure in recent times, natural science has remained buoyant due to the special interest industry has in its advancement and, of course, the academic value and weight it holds.

In addition to the jobs we list, you can also find lots of useful information and career tips for starting or developing a career in this field. As our focus is on jobs for those thinking of working in Germany, you can find articles that come together to form a comprehensive guide for anyone considering a position in this area, which has a particularly strong reputation in research. What kind of salaries in science and research can you expect? And how can you strengthen your job applications? You can find articles on these themes to help you develop your career and find the perfect natural science jobs.

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