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The field in which research jobs in mathematics lie is hard to define as, in its purest form, it is too abstract to be considered a science. It has, therefore, been described as a form of philosophy; a study which aims to explain aspects of the world through a high level of abstraction. This was supported by Galileo who claimed that to understand the universe, you must first understand its language; that language being geometry and numbers. Having said that mathematics aims at total abstraction, it does, however, lead to important discoveries and has contributed to countless other fields of study.

In modern times, mathematicians have seen their work form a close relationship with the relatively young subject of computer science, making it a field which is now tangibly shaping modern life. This new interest has created somewhat of a boom, and there are lots of exciting opportunities for those looking to do a PhD, postdocs or faculty positions. Many of these amazing research jobs in mathematics can be found here.

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