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For postdocs, finding the right position is imperative for career development. It is perhaps the trickiest phase of any academic career to navigate because of the high levels of competition and the necessity to chop and change between lots of relatively short-term jobs. Positions for postdocs can have all types of different billings and different levels. Therefore, when you are looking for a new position you should be on the look out not only for the phrase 'postdoc' but also vacancies for research assistants, and the job title, research associate.

Despite it being an unpredictable and potentially stressful period, postdoctoral positions can give you the career satisfaction you are looking for. After your PhD, you may well be craving the new level of control and influence you have over the research you are conducting. On cutting-edge research teams, yours can be a voice of experience and can contribute to important decisions. This is the phase of when you truly pick your specialism and you can do that by taking advantage of the short-term research jobs on offer and see what interests you and what kind of post you are eventually looking for. Is an industry job at a research company the one for you, or would you rather go down the teaching route at universities or does the atmosphere at research institutes appeal to you? At the beginning of your postdoc career you won't necessarily know what suits you best so utilise the opportunity to play the field!

academics.com can be a guide for postdocs on their way to bigger and better things. Our dedicated pages for postdocs have all kinds of content that is indispensible for those who have just finished their doctorate and are setting out on their career proper, or those who are looking for their big break in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Go there to read about career prospects for postdocs, postdoctoral funding opportunities, and tips for a successful postdoc application. It is our goal to help all postdoctoral candidates realise their potential.

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