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50 years ago, process engineering jobs did not exist, but today engineers in this field play a vital part in all kinds of projects. The basic aim of process engineering is to conceive, run, and optimise processes, mainly chemical ones, using computer systems. As this description suggests, a number of different research fields come together under the banner of process engineering, meaning vacancies in chemical engineering and information technology jobs may also interest you. Those with expertise in this area can have the satisfaction of seeing the development of a process from beginning to end starting with its design, then its operation and finally its upkeep and maintenance.

As with all fields of engineering, jobs in process engineering can offer lots of opportunities both in industry and higher education. Some of the most exciting possibilities in this and its related fields can be found in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which just so happens to be academics.com's speciality. Here you can find an unrivalled selection of jobs and vacancies in higher education no matter what stage of your career you are at. If you want to do a PhD, looking for career prospects for postdocs or looking for professorships, you can find them all here.

But before finding the right job, you first need to decide what the best option for you is, and work out how to successfully apply in science and research. Today, there is a lot of competition for careers in academia but let academics.com be your guide to help you maximise your potential. If you are a professor, wondering about postdoctoral funding opportunities, or looking for a PhD in process engineering, you can find the vital information here.

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