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Choosing a PhD course is the first declaration you make that says you have chosen an academic career path. It is at this stage that the intensity of your studies picks up and you have moved from 'studying' to 'working'. Your main focus switches from learning about a field to researching it, pushing its boundaries, trying to uncover something new. This, of course, introduces a whole new level of challenges to your work but also makes it all the more stimulating. Doing your PhD gives you an insight into the academic world and can help you decide whether you are interested in pursuing career options at universities, in research or whether the researcher's life is just not for you. No matter what realisations it leads to, a PhD is an invaluable life experience that is a must for any burgeoning academic.

There are a number of options open to you when it comes to PhDs. Although it may seem more comfortable to stay at a university to continue your studies, it is important to remember that conducting research is also possible in industry. Finding the right PhD vacancy can seem tricky but luckily academics.com lists some of the most exciting opportunities in all kinds of research fields and it is always a good idea to use these pages as your base to see a good range of what is on offer. It is easy to forget that you have the option to choose between options that give you all sorts of different pros and cons and it is a great idea to think about whether you are passionate about fundamental research, would rather go into the applied sciences, would like to complete your doctorate while working in industry or the traditional doctorate is the best model for you.

Germany is quickly becoming the home of outstanding research in Europe and here is where academics.com excels. Although it may be intimidating to move to a new country for your PhD, working in Germany is definitely an option you should consider. The research landscape is one which is constantly evolving and embracing all types of new fields and interdisciplinary research. It is also home to a great number of the world's leading R&D companies. You can read about these options on our PhD pages so you have a guide to the possibilities open to you as well as all the top jobs so you find the perfect PhD in Germany.

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