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Life science research is moving at a rapid pace, and it is expanding into new and exciting areas. A loose definition of this field, which encompasses multiple others, is the umbrella term for sciences related to biology. It is, however, difficult to pin down due to the fact that a huge number of interdisciplinary fields now fall under this category, a group that is ever widening as research marches on. What cannot be denied is that the life sciences are going to play a key part in the academic landscape of the twenty first century. Whether you are looking for vacancies in biotechnology, jobs in microbiology or a topic still in its infancy. Those who have decided to pursue a career in this area have the choice of a number of paths and it can be difficult to get a clear view. Here, academics.com can help. By looking at the listings of top jobs at prestigious universities and research institutes, or in the life sciences industry, you can see all your options in one place and find the job that suits you.

In the course of your career you need to stay well informed so you can make the right decisions. To this end, academics.com can provide you with useful information and tips: What kind of salaries in science and research can you expect? How do you finance a doctorate? And how is working in Germany? These questions are explored on our pages dedicated to providing you with the vital information that will help you achieve the life science career you deserve.

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