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Computer science jobs can potentially be some of the most exciting and invigorating jobs in research today. Despite being a relatively new discipline, it and its continuous development have come to define the world as we know it. Few other fields have developed so rapidly, and permeated every aspect of life to such an extent. The person most often credited with setting this revolutionary field into motion is Charles Babbage and his mechanical 'Analytical Engine' which he designed in the mid-nineteenth century. The significance of this feat was, however, not appreciated for its importance until much later. From there, people began to see the potential computers posed, and one important step in its development was the Enigma Machine which played a vital role in the Allies' war efforts to crack codes. The first programmable computer was built by Konrad Zuse in collaboration with Helmut Schreyer in 1941 and from then, the rate of progress is truly astounding. The often told, but nonetheless incredible fact that the computers used by NASA for the lunar landing are less sophisticated than the average PC today, is a testament to the pace of innovation in this field and its continuing relevance.

Research careers in computer science offer lots of variety. Fundamental research has close ties with jobs in mathematics, but applied research can take a computer scientist to any number of other fields and jobs in research and science. This means there are countless opportunities for those who want to do a PhD, postdocs, and professors alike. There is also a close relationship between academia and industry, meaning people looking to work in this field have the potential to choose one of many exciting career paths.

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