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A research engineer position can entail literally hundreds of different disciplines and research fields. The one unifying principle of all fields of engineering is the application of research into the formation of new structures, machines, processes or materials. If you were to ask the public about how they envisage the work of engineers, their view would probably be shaped by the scientifically revolutionary nineteenth century and names such as the structural engineer, Brunel, or pioneer of the steam locomotive, George Stephenson. Engineers today can, however, expect much more varied possibilities than just jobs in civil engineering or mechanics. Modern science and technology have brought together all types of fields and disciplines into an engineering research landscape that promises exciting opportunities for thousands of academics.

Due to the nature of engineering as an applied science, the work of a research engineer will most probably be of interest to many other parties, including industry and governments. Research budgets have, therefore, remained strong despite the recent financial squeeze in academia. Whether you are looking for your next job at companies, research institutes or universities, plenty of options are open to you.

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