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For early-career researchers the main concern is career development and it is in these early years that the trajectory of a career is decided. From PhDs to postdocs and junior research groups, this phase of your career can involve structured study, independent research as well as work on large projects. The first step is almost always a PhD and even this poses all sorts of questions that you need to be able to answer. The main question is whether the path of the traditional doctorate is right for you, or if you would rather plump for studying for your PhD alongside a job at a research company. Of course, both have their pros and cons, and to help you weigh up your options academics.com has lots of content and first-person accounts.

After a PhD you become a postdoc and classically this is the most challenging phase of any academic career. It can be tricky for young researchers as postdoctoral funding opportunities are highly competitive and also often short-term. The ultimate goal is to gain enough experience so you can eventually apply for senior positions at research institutes or in industry. Although it can be discouraging, postdocs do some of the most exciting research and there are plenty of opportunities to play key roles on teams undertaking research at the cutting edge of any number of fields.

At this early stage of your career what is truly key is to stay on top of the options available to you. academics.com is not only there to provide you with the most exciting opportunities for PhD students and postdocs, but also to offer you tips and hints that may help you to successfully apply in science and research, win scholarships or find young researcher grants.

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