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A civil engineering position in research can involve any number of varied and exciting disciplines. Of all the fields of engineering, it is the oldest. This is perhaps no surprise as civil engineers are responsible for the development of the infrastructures which are vital for the life we lead in the modern world. Under the banner of civil engineering come all kinds of sub-fields which range from some of the most practically applied areas of engineering, to ones that have close ties with pure science. From construction, to ecology, earth sciences and nanotechnology, all kinds of career paths present themselves to civil engineers.

The work of civil engineers is so centred in the practical world that it may be a surprise that there are so many civil engineering jobs in academia. academics.com lists some of the most exciting of these opportunities. Of course any research in this area is of great interest to research companies and governments alike, meaning research funding is not overly difficult to find despite the recent cuts. There are also a number of jobs and vacancies in higher education) for engineers, a stage of your career where academics.com has unrivalled expertise.

You can take advantage of the detailed information academics.com offers to help you take the next step in your career. For academics it is not always easy to find answers to the big questions, but here you can find what you need to make informed decisions and best serve your career. Whether you need to know how to finance a PhD, how to work your way to the top use academics.com as your starting point. As our focus is on jobs in German speaking Europe, you can also find the comprehensive guide if it is your goal to find the right research job in civil engineering in Germany.

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