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Chemistry research began its life as part of modern science with Lavoisier in the eighteenth century and since then has perhaps been the science that has most tangibly touched the lives of the general public. Of course, the origins of chemistry as a science could be said to track back to the ancient world, however, the lack of atomic theory meant that explaining chemical phenomena was somewhat of a wild goose chase, leading to centuries of the quasi-science known as alchemy, a discipline that has been much mythologised but was essentially completely wrong.

Since the turn of the nineteenth century, the study of chemistry has come on leaps and bounds and the potential for fundamental research is still vast. academics.com presents you with some of the most exciting jobs in chemistry and its related fields. Whether you are looking organic chemistry jobs, jobs and vacancies in chemical engineering or a related field, there are loads of options and chances to find the perfect job in the field that interests you.

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