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Jobs for bioengineering researchers bring together a number of fields in an innovative mix. It is a relatively young discipline that has emerged in recent years as research in the life sciences has expanded dramatically and emerged as a field that will define research in the twenty-first century. The development of this field has come relatively late due to the fact that the relevance of the biological sciences to engineering are not so plain to see as mathematics, physics or chemistry. But now this innovative field has been recognised, it is becoming big business. The true potential of bioengineering has been recognised in the pharmaceutical industry, but it is expanding still further into new avenues such as biomimetics, a discipline that takes processes and structures found in nature, and utilises them to mechanical or even architectural ends.

Owing to how new this research area is, it can be difficult to get your foot in the first rung of the career ladder. To find a research job for a bioengineer can be tricky, but luckily academics.com has a special interest in the emerging research fields in life sciences and can help you find the right position whether you plan to do a PhD, wondering about postdocs, or are aiming for professorships.

academics.com has a special focus on jobs in Germany, an area of Europe with unparalleled research opportunities in bioengineering. Go to the working in Germany pages for a comprehensive guide to starting up an academic career in a new country. Find employer profiles, learn about research locations in Germany and you can go to the spotlight on biotechnology page to gain an impression of bioengineering in Germany.

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