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What research opportunities are offered in Germany?

Germany welcomes researchers from all over the world to come and work here.

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There is an extremely wide spectrum of research, offering researchers from the most varied disciplines excellent opportunities and facilities. German research is conducted in every imaginable field, and institutes of higher education traditionally form the backbone of this research. Top-level research at these institutes is characterised by intensive cooperation between academics, research facilities and institutes both at home and abroad. The research departments of commercial companies and major research organisations form another pillar of our research environment.

An online "research explorer" provides a unique overview of the German research organisations. www.daad.de/research-explorer»

The main research organisations are:

Read more In addition, there are the collaborative research centres of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (the German Research Foundation)», a number of science academies, and many federal and state facilities involved with research and development. All these organisations are closely linked and therefore offer an outstanding environment for innovative research subjects.

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DAAD :: August 2008