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Graduate schools:
a structured PhD

If you are looking for a PhD position, a place at the right graduate school is an amazing choice - with secured financial support, a fixed time frame and a course focused around you. academics.com gives you an overview of all the graduate school options.



What many people do not know is that graduate schools are an excellent alternative to a classic PhD. In Germany, many receive funding from the German Universities' Excellence Initiative, which makes them an even more attractive choice.

academics.com can give you an comprehensive insight into selected graduate schools that specialise in all kinds of academic fields including the natural sciences, mathematics and medicine, as well as the humanities and social sciences.

Graduate programmes are offered by a number of schools which are, in turn, run by a number different universities and research institutes. DFG graduate schools, International Max Planck Research Schools, as well as those owned by individual universities are all good options. Whatever option you choose, you will be spending time for your studies at a university.

Except for PhD programs run by universities, graduate school funding usually involves a payment of around 1,000 Euros every month. On average PhD programs last for three years. If it is fully financed, for example with graduate school scholarships, it is usually expected that you don't have any jobs on the side, so you can fully concentrate on your research. Intensive support from at least two experts in your field can help keep you on track to complete all the requirements of your course within the time frame.

These places are rare and graduate schools receive lots of good applications from interested candidates. The subject of your course may be stipulated in the terms of your programme, or it is sometimes also agreed on after discussions between you and the school.

If you are looking for financial security, an excellent support system, a team of international colleagues, as well as the chance to further your academic career by pushing the boundaries of your research field, then a grad school might be an exciting path for you to consider!