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Hannover Biomedical Research School (HBRS)
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First step towards your PhD

Application at Hannover Biomedical Research School

Application at Hannover Biomedical Research School

HBRS has its own common rules and regulations for PhD studies. These rules apply to all PhD programs and Research Training Groups in HBRS. All matters concerning organs, application (requirements), selection procedures, supervision, curricula and exams are defined. Therefore, PhD students can rely on these rules while performing their research at MHH.


The application is online on www.hbrs-application.de/. The system is open from December 1st to April 1st.


The formal requirements for admission of PhD students are:
  • A degree in Medical Sciences or Life Sciences (Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, etc.), Engineering; like MSc, Diploma, MBBS, Staatsexamen
  • Excellent marks in exams, copies of transcripts and certificates are required
  • Excellent knowledge of English (TOEFL; at least 7 years of English, etc.)
  • At least 6 months former research experience proved by a detailed project description of e.g. Master thesis, Dr.med. project
  • Two letters of recommendation

During the 3-step selection processes special focus is placed on: publications, prizes, grants, research experience as well as excellent project description, references and personality.


Students are awarded a PhD or Dr.rer.nat. (this only for life scientists).