Overview of picture credits

In the following list you will find the picture credits for some of the photos used on our website, if these are not mentioned on the respective pages. Please understand that some photo credits are mentioned directly on the pages on which the photos are shown.

Engineering: © dioxin / photocase.de

Graduate schools: © Nathan Dumlao / unsplash.com

Higher education in Germany: © _HealthyMond / unsplash.com

Job profiles: © Jessica Ruscello / unsplash.com

Living and working in Germany: © Erwan Hesry / unsplash.com

PhD in Germany: © John Dow / photocase.de

Postdoc in Germany: © David-W- / photocase.de

Professor in Germany: © .marqs / photocase.de

Research and development in Germany: © suze / photocase.de

Study in Germany - on the way to Graduation: © goofy911 / photocase.de