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Technische Universität Berlin, Faculty II - Mathematics and Natural Sciences, invites applications for a position of a

University Professor - salary grade W3

in the field of "Mathematics - Applied Mathematics".
Reference number: II-48/18 (starting at the earliest possible / permanent position / closing date for applications 22/03/18)
Working field: The position requires research and teaching in the area of Applied Mathematics with a strong interdisciplinary focus. At least one of the following research topics needs to be addressed:
  • Applied Functional Analysis
  • Applied Harmonic Analysis
  • Applied Stochastic Analysis
  • Discrete Optimization
  • Dynamical Systems
  • Inverse Problems
  • Mathematical Imaging and Data Science
  • Mathematical Continuum and Solid State Mechanics
  • Mathematical Statistics
  • Multiscale Problems and Homogenization
  • Nonlinear Optimization
  • Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Numerical Solution of Differential Equations
  • Numerical Linear Algebra
  • Stochastic Optimization
  • Uncertainty Quantification
  • Variational Calculus
In case of Berlin‘s successful application regarding the Cluster of Excellence "MATH+ - The BERLIN MATHEMATICS RESEARCH CENTER" contribution to this joint project is expected. Depending on the scientific field of the applicant, a participation in one of the "Focus Areas" resp. "Emerging Fields": "Life Sciences", "Materials, Light, and Devices", "Networks", "Energy and Markets", "Advanced Information Extraction from Imaging Data", "Smart Data: Modelling and Robust Analytics", "Data-Driven Stochastic Modelling of Dynamic Environments", or "Digital Shapes" is expected.
Teaching will be required in all mathematical degree programs (including undergraduate) and in the service teaching of mathematics for other programs. Candidates should be able to teach in German and English. Furthermore, candidates are expected to supervise students‘ theses on Bachelor, Master and PhD level as well as to participate in the academic administration of the university.
Requirements: Successful applicants must fulfill the requirements for appointment at the professor level in compliance with § 100 BerlHG (Berlin Higher Education Act). These include a completed academic education in mathematics or a comparable discipline, qualified achievements in research (doctorate in mathematics), additional academic achievements and pedagogical-didactic qualifications, demonstrated by teaching experience and visualized in a teaching portfolio (for further information see TUB Website, quick access 144242). We are looking for candidates with an internationally visible profile in the area of Applied Mathematics with a strong interdisciplinary orientation and research results that have been published in refereed journals. Experience in raising funds from national and international external sources and in collaborative research projects is expected. The candidate must represent the area of Applied Mathematics in research and teaching. Applicants must have teaching experience at university level. Additional experience in advising and supervising Bachelor, Master and doctoral students as well as experience in academic administration is expected. The area of research expertise should allow co-operations with the current professors at the Institute of Mathematics as well as participation in current and future collaborative research activities. Active participation in the Berlin International Graduate School in Model and Simulation based Research (BIMoS) and the Berlin Mathematical School (BMS) is also desired.
Technische Universität Berlin is determined to increase the proportion of women in research and teaching and therefore strongly encourages qualified female researchers to apply. Qualified individuals with disabilities will be favored. The TU Berlin values the diversity of its members and is committed to the goals of equal opportunities.
Technische Universität Berlin is a certified family-friendly higher education institution, and our Dual Career Service offers assistance to you and your family when relocating to Berlin.
Please send your written application until 22 March 2018 indicating the reference number and including the appropriate documentation to Technische Universität Berlin – Der Präsident – Dekan der Fakultät II, Prof. Dr. Emmrich, Sekr. BEL 1, Marchstr. 6, 10587 Berlin and in addition by e-mail to
Please send copies only. Original documents will not be returned.
The vacancy is also available on the internet at

Closing date: 22.03.2018
Closing date: 22 March 2018 Published on on date 20 February 2018
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