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Leibniz-Institut für Pflanzengenetik und Kulturpflanzenforschung (IPK)

IPK Gatersleben is a large, internationally recognized centre of plant research that addresses problems of modern biology with an emphasis on crop plants. Our scientific expertise integrates a broad diversity of disciplines to elucidate the mechanisms underlying processes of plant development, metabolism, and interactions with the environment. Our research aims at the generation of fundamental knowledge and the development of genetic and biotechnological tools to spur the knowledge-based use of plant-genetic resources to optimize a variety of crop traits. Frequently, this involves co-operation with various national and international universities as well as public-private partnerships.

Research Group Leader (f/m)

Developmental Biology of Plant Seeds


This tenure track position is open immediately. After a period of up to five years and upon positive evaluation, a permanent position will be offered.

Within the research focus areas of the Molecular Genetics Department, plant vegetative growth and seed formation, the hired research group leader is expected to devise and carry out an internationally competitive research program on the molecular analysis of developmental processes of plant cells, tissues, and organs primarily addressing growth and differentiation processes involved in seed formation. This concerns determination of cell and tissue identity and control of growth and differentiation and the involved signalling and regulation mechanisms. The research group to be headed applies modern molecular biological and systems analysis approaches and has access to the excellent research infrastructure of IPK including unique HTP phenotyping platforms in novel environmentally controlled plant cultivation facilities and to IPKs plant genetic resources. It closely interacts with other complementary research groups of IPK, in particular of the Dept. Molecular Genetics, who i.a. investigate metabolic processes during seed filling and who are experts in plant phenotyping (mainly using non-invasive 2D, 3D, and 4D approaches), in image analysis, molecular and systems genetics, as well as network analysis and modelling. The group is thoroughly involved in the main research areas of IPK contributing to the investigation of plant performance in varying environmental conditions and towards elucidation of genetic causes and molecular mechanisms resulting in phenotypic variation.

Your tasks:

As research group leader you carry out independent and internationally highly visible research within the
frame of the goals of IPK and the Department Molecular Genetics. You instruct and guide the members of
your group and you raise third party research funding. In addition, you are involved in and support institute- and department-wide research initiatives.

Your qualification:

You hold a PhD in biology (botany) or any related area in biochemistry or agronomy and you have a very good reputation gained through own high-ranking research in the area of molecular biology of plant development. You have detailed molecular and systems biology expertise and have practical experience in the analysis of individual cell and tissue types and/or molecular and biochemical investigation of signal transduction and regulatory processes. The ability to handle large data sets (e.g. transcriptome data) and to analyze them (incl. proper statistics) and to use various databases will be advantageous. Competence in co-worker supervision, in interdisciplinary interaction and co-operation as well as fund-raising ability will be expected.

If you need further information on the position and the resources allocated to the group feel free to contact Prof. Dr. Thomas Altmann. You reach him under or phone +49 (0)39482 5 214.

IPK is striving to increase the proportion of woman in sectors where they are underrepresented, and therefore explicitly encourages applications from qualified women. IPK is an equal opportunities employer. Handicapped persons will be preferred when equally qualified. Gross salary will be up to 100% E14 TV-L.

Your application:

Please send your application (incl. CV, a statement on research experience and intended future work and at least two references) to Mr. Danielowski ( citing the reference number 27/04/17. Please contact Mr. Danielowski also for questions regarding the application and selection procedure (phone: +49 (0)39482 5 741). The position is open immediately and will stay open until it is filled.

Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK)
Mr. Danielowski
Corrensstraße 3, OT Gatersleben
06466 Stadt Seeland

Published on on date 5 April 2017
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