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At the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering (M + PE) wishes to appoint, for the earliest possible start date, a:

Professor (W 3)

of Biotechnology and the Fundamentals of Process Engineering (ref. 477)

The future post-holder (m/f) is expected to contribute to an adequate range of teaching and research activities in these areas and to have a research specialism in the field of bio-economics, complemented by relevant experience gained within recognised research institutions.

The professorship requires expertise in teaching, applied research and professional development in the relevant field as well as management of the associated laboratories and involvement in basic training. The candidate must be prepared to take on teaching responsibilities in associated specialist areas and academic administration duties for the university. Furthermore, an ability and willingness to provide teaching in English is expected.

Closing date: 21.03.2018
Closing date: 21 March 2018 Published on on date 1 March 2018
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