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Universität Leipzig

The Faculty of History, Art and Oriental Studies is looking to fill the following professorship position as soon as possible.

The Institute of Musicology strives toward diversity in its cultural studies profile. Existing interdisciplinary cooperations in the areas of Digital Humanities and University collections, and between associated academic and non-university institutions (such as the Bach Archive) are currently being expanded. In addition, the institute’s profile is being enriched by way of research and teaching collaborations with the Leipzig University of Music and Theatre and plans to establish a collaborative musicological center in Leipzig.

W3-Professorship Musicology (music history 19th-21st Centuries)

(succession: Prof. Dr. Helmut Loos)

Applicants are expected to possess a wide range of experiences within the field of music history. The position will include teaching, in particular, the periods of 19th to the 21st Centu­ries. The concept of urbanity in musical cities such as Leipzig, and the consideration of trans­cultural networks and their music-related infrastructures (e. g. publishing history, musical supplies, and education) is of particular importance.

Willingness to participate in one or more research areas (e .g. language and culture in the digital era) is expected. Evidence of teaching experience and knowledge of the procedures for acquiring external funding is required.

Employee rights and obligations are in accordance with Saxonian University Legal Regu­la­tions (Sächsisches Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz, SächsHSFG) and Saxonian Public Service Employees Regulations (Sächsische Dienstaufgabenverordnung, DAVOHS). Applicants must meet the requirements of § 58 SächsHSFG.

The University of Leipzig emphasizes the equality of women and men in its hiring practices. Disabled applicants are encouraged to apply and are given preference if equally qualified.

Only applicants providing the required application documents will be considered.
(Please send a detailed CV, a listing of scientific work and academic teaching experience; including copies of teacher evaluations if available and a certified copy of the highest degree certificate earned, proof of all qualifications applicable to the position, and two published articles.) Documents should be sent in electronic form (PDF-format) by October 20, 2016 to: Universität Leipzig, Dekan der Fakultät für Geschichte, Kunst- und Orientwissen­schaft, Herrn Prof. Dr. Manfred Rudersdorf, Schillerstraße 6, D-04109 Leipzig, dekgko@rz.uni-leipzig.de

Applicant accepts complete responsibility for the electronic transfer of personal documents.

Closing date: 20.10.2016
Closing date: 20 October 2016 Published on academics.com on date 8 September 2016
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