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The Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main invites applications for a full-time position as

Professorship (W3)
in Pharmaceutical analytics

We are seeking to appoint an internationally renowned scientist working on the field of pharmaceutical analytics, preferentially mass spectrometry. Teaching experience should cover pharmaceutical chemistry. The candidate should have a scientific expertise complementary to already existing research groups at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. His scientific expertise should allow close cooperation with other research groups in the field of lipid signalling, inflammation, cardiovascular signalling, oncogenic signalling, membrane proteins or RNA biology. The successful applicant is supposed to cooperate within interdisciplinary research projects of the faculty and will be the head of the service unit mass spectrometry of the faculty.
To apply, please send a curriculum vitae including your qualifications, accompanied by a letter stating your teaching experience, publication list, grant list and future research interests in electronic form to: The Dean, Department of Biochemistry, Chemistry and Pharmacy, J. W. Goethe-University, Max-von-Laue-Str. 9, 60438 Frankfurt am Main, Germany, email: The application should arrive no later than 28th February 2018.
The designated salary for the position is based on the German university scale or equivalent. Goethe University is committed to increase the proportion of female scientific staff and therefore encourages women particularly to apply. Applications of scientists from abroad are explicitly requested. Severely disabled applicants with equal qualification and aptitude will be given preferential consideration. For further information regarding the general conditions for professorship appointments, please see:
The place of employment is Frankfurt am Main.

Closing date: 28.02.2018
Closing date: 28 February 2018 Published on on date 25 January 2018
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