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Professorship (W3) in
"Building Theory and Design"

This newly developed professorship in architectural education and research addresses a wide spectrum of building theory spanning from constituent architectural elements over spatial and organizational concepts to varying building types. The main teaching emphasis focuses on the mediation of knowledge in these areas and their significant influence on the architectural design process. Furthermore, the professorship addresses fundamental issues in building typology and the development of sustainable design solutions through an analytical and experimental approach. The professorship is organizationally associated with the Institute of Conception of Space and Principles of Design (IRGE).

The professorship is integrated in the obligatory Bachelor studies of ,Architecture and Urban Design’ and also offers courses/design projects in the Masters studies.

We are looking for a personality that provides many years of experience and outstanding achievements in design during the educational and professional career. Special emphasis is given to an own, conceptual and impressive architectural work as well as theoretical and applied knowledge regarding different building typologies. Eligible candidates possess accredited teaching experience and are exceptionally - and preferably internationally - renowned for the areas of architecture set out above. The willingness to contribute to the faculty’s self-administration is presupposed.

The requirements for employment listed in § 47 and § 50
Baden-Württemberg university law apply.

Written applications including a CV, a list of publications and documentation of professional experience in electronic and printed form (CD-ROM) should be sent no later than 30. September 2017, to Prof. Markus Allmann, Institut für Raumkonzeptionen und Grundlagen des Entwerfens, Universität Stuttgart, Keplerstr. 11, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany.

The University of Stuttgart has established a Dual Career Program to offer assistance to partners of those moving to Stuttgart. For more information, please visit the website Logo Logo

The University of Stuttgart is an equal opportunity employer. Applications from women are strongly encouraged. Severely challenged persons will be given preference in case of equal qualifications.

Closing date: 30.09.2017
Closing date: 30 September 2017 Published on on date 3 August 2017
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