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Professor in Ventilation and Air Distribution in Spaces

DTU Civil Engineering at Technical University of Denmark invites applications for a position as Professor in Ventilation and Air Distribution in Spaces

DTU Civil Engineering is a department with the overall mission of contributing to research, development, and education within the following scientific areas: structural engineering, construction materials, building design, building energy, indoor environment, geotechnics, and geology. The professor will be attached to the section of Indoor Climate and Building Physics-one of the six sections comprising the department. This section presently has 23 employees.

Responsibilities and tasks
The position involves teaching, research, publication and scientific dissemination at a very high level, as well as external partnerships-all within the field of ventilation with focus on development and application of advanced air distribution methods in homes, public building and vehicle compartments.

The candidate will contribute to education and research with one or more of the following research areas:
  • Ventilation and climate systems
  • Air cleaning systems
  • Air flow and distribution analysis
  • Natural ventilation of buildings
Other duties:
  • Educational and scientific guidance and management of research group Academic assessment work
  • Innovation
The candidate is expected to operate in an interdisciplinary research team as well as actively collaborate with other research groups. The candidate must be able to take academic leadership and is expected to facilitate collaboration on cross-disciplinary projects with academics and industry. Furthermore, the candidate is expected to seek and obtain external funding.

The successful candidate is expected to take a lead position in teaching at the BSc, MSc, and PhD levels. Please note that the expected teaching at undergraduate level is primarily to be in Danish, and in English at postgraduate level (MSc or PhD). International candidates are required to take courses in Danish.

The qualified candidate should have an internationally recognized academic and professional profile. More specifically, the following qualifications should be met:

  • A high degree of original scientific production at international level, that has contributed to the further development of the area of micro-environment in spaces and its control Significant experimental research (including use of sophisticated measuring techniques and human subject experiments);
  • Documented successful teaching experience at different levels within the courses offered by the university, particularly at the PhD level
  • Documented experience in research management, including the performance of management tasks linked to national or international projects, research programmes, conferences, etc.
  • Documented experience in attracting external funding
  • Documented experience in coordination of a research team, incl. scientists and technical staff
In the assessment of the candidates' consideration will be given to

  • the ability to teach
  • scientific production at international level, research potential and ability to lead and develop a research team
  • the ability to promote and utilize research results
  • experience with innovation activities
  • an all-round experience basis, including international experience
  • the ability to contribute to the development of internal and external cooperation
  • track record in attracting funding to the research area
  • visions within the research area
Further information
Further information may be obtained from Head of Department Niels-J°rgen Aagaard, +45 4525 1877.

You can read more about DTU Civil Engineering at

Application procedure
Please submit your online application no later than 6 November 2017.

To view the full announcement and to apply:

Closing date: 06.11.2017
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