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Professor WSR in Strategic Organization Design

The Department of Marketing & Management invites applications for one or more positions as Professor with Specific Responsibilities in Strategic Organization Design.
The positions, located in Odense, are vacant from 1 September 2018, or soon thereafter.
The professorship is time-limited to a period of 5 years with the possibility of extension.
The main responsibilities will focus on research and development tasks.
Research in Strategic Organization Design is focused on the academic fields of strategy and organization science. Our agenda addresses important and interesting unsolved research questions relating to organizational design and adaptation, including the role of AI and new emergent technologies.
We seek candidates with a strong passion for research and a desire to work on groundbreaking ideas, and we expect them to publish their research in the leading scholarly journals.
We encourage applications from the fields of strategy and organization science, but also from neighboring fields such as behavioral economics, organizational economics, social psychology, decision science, and computer science.
The research unit Strategic Organization Design is part of the Department for Marketing & Management. See the SOD website and the Department website for more details.
The full job description can be found on the University of Southern Denmark’s website. Applications have to be submitted via this page.
Apply before 2018-03-26

Closing date: 26.03.2018
Closing date: 26 March 2018 Erschienen auf am 07.12.2017
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