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The Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology - Hans Knöll Institute - (HKI, investigates the pathobiology of human-pathogenic fungi and identifies targets for the development of novel antibiotics. The Research Group Systems Biology and Bioinformatics (SBI) is seeking a

Postdoctoral Researcher

starting on 1st of March 2018 for two years initially with a possibility of extension and/or becoming permanent.
The successful candidate will work in the domain of bioinformatics related to infectious diseases. The SBI group uses a multidisciplinary approach, including genomic/transcriptomic/proteomic data integration and modelling, network biology, exome sequencing, metagenomics and GWAS to develop novel therapeutic treatments for infectious diseases. SBI is active participant of several national collaborative efforts to tackle infectious diseases such as the Jena School for Microbial Communication, the Centre for Innovation Competence CIC Septomics, the Centre for Sepsis Control and Care and most importantly the only Collaborative Research Center in the field of fungal infectious diseases, CRC/TR 124 FungiNet. The successful candidate is expected to lead bioinformatics projects related mainly to RNA-Seq and proteomics data analysis and develop bioinformatics pipelines for understanding infectious processes by pathogens. The successful candidate is expected to interact closely with wet-lab scientists for discovering new molecular mechanisms of pathogens using an iterative cycle that starts with experimental data, followed by data analysis and data integration to determine correlations between concentrations of molecules, and ends with the formulation of hypotheses that will be verified in functional experiments.
Your profile: A strong interest in conducting collaborative research on the topic outlined above is paramount. Candidates are expected to be interested in working at the boundaries of several research domains.
  • PhD degree in Systems Biology, Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Biophysics or a related discipline
  • Documented knowledge and experience in the analysis of biological high-throughput data is a requirement
  • Knowledge in statistical methods in the context of biological systems
  • Strong experience with programming (Python, Perl, C++, R)
  • Well-developed collaborative skills
We offer: The successful candidate will be hosted at the Systems Biology and Bioinformatics group of the HKI. We offer an international and multi-disciplinary environment with the required qualifications and a strong expertise in the proposed research field. Currently the group consists of ~15 members at different levels of seniority; post-doctoral scientists, PhD students, master students, scientific co-workers. More information for the research output of the group in the field of systems biology can be found here. As a Postdoc you will benefit from the extensive qualification program of the Graduate Academy of the Friedrich Schiller University.
Salary is paid according to German TV-L (salary agreement for public service employees). As an equal opportunity employer the HKI is committed to increase the percentage of female scientists and therefore especially encourages them to apply. For further Information please contact Assoc. Prof. Gianni Panagiotou (, +49 3641 532 1759).
Complete applications in English should include a CV, certificates, transcripts, a brief statement of research experiences and interests and the contact details of two possible referees, and should be submitted by February 4, 2018 via


Closing date: 04.02.2018
Closing date: 4 February 2018 Published on on date 12 December 2017
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