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Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Zurich

Our research focuses on a class of enzymes termed epoxide hydrolases that are involved in xenobiotic metabolism as well as in the regulation of endogenous lipid signaling molecules. We presently investigate the potential target molecules of these endogenous lipid signaling compounds in several organs including the brain.

Post Doc in Electrophysiology


We are looking for a post doc with a strong interest in electrophysiological recordings in acute brain slices and in heterologous cell systems. The aim of the project is to characterize the role of lipid signaling compounds on synaptic transmission in the hippocampus and other brain areas and to identify the underlying molecular targets.


- Sound knowledge and expertise of electrophysiology, particularly in in vitro electrophysiological recordings in heterologously transfected cells and acute brain slices.
- Common knowledge in cell culture and transfection techniques, generation of acute brain slice.
- Knowledge how to acquire and analyze data with Clampex10.3/Clampfit10.3 required.

We offer

working in a small interdisciplinary team with strong pharmacological and toxicological interests. The salary will depend on the experience of the applicant . The project is limited to three years.

More information
Prof. Dr. Michael Arand: +41 (0)44 635 59 77, E-Mail: arand@pharma.uzh.ch

Please apply for this position exclusively by email. Please send you complete application as single PDF file to: olga.vonniederhaeusern@pharma.uzh.ch

Closing date: 15 August 2017 Published on academics.com on date 13 July 2017
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