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Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) Cottbus-Senftenberg
The Faculty of Environment and Natural Sciences of Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) Cottbus-Senftenberg, invites applications for a

Junior Professorship (W1)
of Materials chemistry (inorganic materials)
with tenure track

commencing at the earliest opportunity
The successful candidate is expected to represent the field of modern materials chemistry adopting and innovative material and methodical approach. The research could be focused on the synthesis of inorganic materials, functional materials or material systems, the application of methods of physical solid state and materials analysis or the use of modern methods of modeling of materials and their physical and chemical properties, respectively. The requirements would also be met by other fields of materials chemistry, e. g. materials for energy conversion and storage nanomaterials, sol-gel-processes, corrosion processes, metallic or amorphous materials, or materials with special optical, electical and magnetically properties.
Lecturing in courses of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, respectively, is expected. Lectures in materials chemistry including the appropriate chemical and physical basics for both the Faculty of Environment and Sciences and other faculties are comprised. Furthermore, the successful candidate should offer lectures in other interdisciplinary cources.
Contact person for further information is Prof. Dr. Olaf Klepel,
Phone: + 49 (0)3573 / 85 864; email: olaf.klepel@b-tu.de
Other duties result from the requirements set by § 42 Brandenburgisches Hochschulgesetz (Higher Education Act of the State of Brandenburg - BbgHG) in conjunction with § 3 BbgHG.
Please refer to §§ 41 paragraph 1 No 1-4a and 43 BbgHG for prerequisites and conditions for employment. In accordance with § 46 BbgHG junior professors are appointed officials for the duration of up to four years for a limited time. Altogether, at a positive intermediate evaluation a prolongation shall on be carried out for not more than six years.
Lectures are primarily to be held in German, fluency in English is expected. Experience in the acquisition and realization of third-party funded projects is expected. Doctorate and occupation phase shall not have been together any more than six years. The position can be converted by tenure track option into a permanent position W3 pending a positive evaluation of the candidate´s performance in research and teaching as well as his or her personal aptitude and if all legal conditions are met.
BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg strives to increase the proportion of women in teaching and research and specifically encourages qualified female scientists to apply.
Qualified applicants with disabilities will be given priority.
As a family-oriented University, BTU offers a Dual Career Service.
The application, including academic certificates, curriculum vitae, a list of publications and scientific papers, as well as proof of teaching experience, should be sent - preferably in digital form - within a period of 6 weeks after the publication date of this announcement to:
Dekan der Fakultät Umwelt und Naturwissenschaften, BTU Cottbus- Senftenberg, Postfach 101344, D-03013 Cottbus


Published on academics.com on date 29 September 2016
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