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Consider making the switch to the University of Freiburg: It is one of the most renowned and strongest research universities in Germany, with a history spanning more than 500 years. You’ll engage in top-notch research and teaching with a unique spectrum of disciplines, perspectives, and people - right in the heart of one of Germany’s most beautiful cities.
The University of Freiburg’s human resources policy is oriented toward the principles of equal opportunity and diversity. The university is committed to the goal of creating a family-friendly university.
The Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources of the University of Freiburg invites applications for a

Full Professorship (W3) in Forest Operations (Succession Prof. Jaeger)

Fulltime position, start date: immediately
in the Department of Forest Sciences.
This professorship is also particularly suitable for highly qualified early career researchers. The candidate should represent the field of Forest Operations in research and teaching. The focus will be on the analysis of processes and systems for the management and utilization of forests in the form of timber and biomass for energy. This includes the assessment of the effects of harvesting and associated operations on the natural environment and humans. The complete value chain, from wood harvesting to the marketing of different products should be considered under the following aspects:
  • Investigation of forest supply networks including the development and management of production and administrative processes.
  • Transfer of optimisation models for wood harvesting and logistics into spatially explicit decision models
  • Use of new technologies to analyse forest stand structures relevant for wood harvesting as well as utilisation of large inventory data sets for the digitalization of wood provision from forests to processing facilities
  • Technology impact assessment
The research focus on close to nature forestry, which is widely practised in Central Europe and provides a complex framework in terms of forest structures, forest products and societal demands, should be a unique-feature of this professorship.
The Chair of Forest Operations will mainly teach and coordinate modules in the BSc programme "Waldwirtschaft und Umwelt" and the MSc programme "Forstwissenschaften/ Forest Sciences" but contribute also to other study programmes of the faculty.
We are looking for a personality with an excellent reputation in the relevant fields of research and with a high competence in interdisciplinary cooperation, project management and teaching. The creation of an active, nationally and internationally networked research group is expected. It is assumed that the candidate is successful in raising third-party-funding from public and private sponsors.
Prerequisites for the employment of Professors are a university degree, an outstanding dissertation and an excellent publication record. Substantial achievements and experience in academic research and teaching, at the level of a Habilitation according to the German academic system, are expected.
We are particularly pleased to receive applications from women for the position advertised here.
The following application documents are to be submitted:
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Certificates of degrees and academic qualifications as well as references
  • Complete list of papers and invited lectures specifying the 5 most important publications (as well as information about ORCID-ID, Google Scholar Citation Index or similar)
  • List of current and previous projects including the financial support received
  • Concept paper outlining future research and teaching foci (max. 1-2 pages)
Further information on the appointment procedure can be found in the Code for Practice for professorial appointments, available under
Please send in a complete and convincing application with all relevant supporting documents, including a printout of the application form [open here] and the reference number 10579, by 16.11.2017 at the latest. Please send your application to the following address in written or electronic form:
Dekanat der Fakultät für
Umwelt und Natürliche Ressourcen
Tennenbacherstr. 4
79106 Freiburg / Germany
For further information, please contact Dekan Prof. Dr. Tim Freytag at Tel. 0761-203 3601 or E-mail
For important legal information see here.

Closing date: 16.11.2017
Closing date: 16 November 2017 Published on on date 19 October 2017
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