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RWTH Aachen University

Please send a cover letter stating research aims and a CV to: Dekan
der Fakultät 1 der RWTH Aachen, Herr Prof. Dr. Stefan Schael, 52056 Aachen

You can also send your application via email to
Please note, however, that com­munication via unencrypted e-mail
poses a threat to confidentiality as
it is potentially vulnerable to
unauthorized access by third parties.

The deadline for applications is
July 12th, 2017.

This position is also available as part-time employment per request. RWTH Aachen University is certified as a family-friendly university and offers a dual career program for partner hiring. We particularly welcome and encourage applications from women, disabled people and ethnic minority groups, recognizing they are underrepresented across RWTH Aachen University. The principles of fair and open competition apply and appointments will be made on merit.

Full Professor (W2)
in Computational Biotechnology

Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences

We are seeking qualified applicants for teaching and research in the area of Computational Biotechnology. The starting date is April 1, 2018. The professorship should be in the area of biotechnology within the unit of the "Biology and Biotechnology" of the RWTH (ABBt). A focus of the ABBt is on biobased molecules and materials which is to be strengthened with this position. Therefore, a recognized expertise in the development and use of mathematical models and computer aided simulation techniques is necessary. This is to be applied in translational research to predict the behavior of biological molecules and systems in complex environments especially at the surface of materials. Experience with e.g. QM/MM, atomic and mesoscopic simulations, as well as tapping into public databases is advantageous. The prospective candidate will participate in the teaching of B.Sc. and M.Sc. programes in biology and biotechnology. It is expected that the prospective candidate will collaborate with or even participate in running activities such as the collaborative research center "Microgels", the international research training group "Seleca" and in projects of the Bioeconomy Science Center (BioSC). In addition it is expected that strong collaborations will be built with the Leibniz Institute DWI, the department for chemistry, the Fraunhofer institute IME, the Forschungszentrum Jülich and the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf.

A Ph.D. degree is required; additionally, Habilitation (post-doctoral lecturing qualification), an exemplary record of research achievement as an assistant / an associate / a junior professor or university researcher and/or an outstanding career outside academia are highly desirable. Ability in and commitment to teaching are essential. The application should include supporting documents regarding success in teaching.German is not necessary to begin but will be expected as a teaching language within the first 5 years.

Experience with the acquisition and administration of third party funding are advantageous. A commitment to independent teaching is a requirement.

Closing date: 12.07.2017
Closing date: 12 July 2017 Published on academics.com on date 1 June 2017
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