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The collaborative research center 1233 „Robust Vision - Inference Principles and Neural Mechanisms“ at the University of Tübingen is soliciting applications for the position of an
Early Career Research Group Leader
in all fields relevant to the mission of the center to understand the principles and algorithms underlying robust visual perception in biological and artificial systems.
Possible topics of research include computer vision, deep learning, robot vision, psychophysics, computa­tional and systems neuroscience and neurotechnological or clinical applications. Applicants should have finished their PhD not more than three years ago and have a highly promising track record documented by publications at leading conferences or journals. Besides scientific excellence, a keen interest in the topic of robust vision and interdisciplinary exchange within the center and the broader Tübingen research campus is crucial.
In the collaborative research center "Robust Vision" more than twenty research groups of the University of Tübingen and the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems combine machine learning and computer vision with systems neuroscience in a coordinated effort to uncover the computational principles underlying robust vision. Thereby they focus on understanding the consequences of prominent discrepancies between biological and artificial systems such as feedback and the dynamic nature of image acquisition. See for further information.
The position will be paid according to the state labor agreement (TV-L 14) and comes with funding for a PhD student and additional funds. The envisioned runtime is until 31.12.2020. The research group is financed by the Gender and Equal opportunity budget of the center, so female researchers are particularly encouraged to apply.
Please send your application materials or any questions to Judith Lam ( Applications should include a CV (max. 2 pages), a list of publications, a summary of research interests (1 page) and a research proposal (1 page) and should be emailed as a single pdf by June 16th, 2017.

Closing date: 16.06.2017
Closing date: 16 June 2017 Published on on date 19 May 2017
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