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University of Freiburg / Cochrane Germany Foundation (CDS)
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The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Freiburg and the Cochrane Germany Foundation (CDS) invites applications for a

Cochrane Professorship (W 3) for Evidence in Medicine

as soon as possible.
The future holder of the position will represent the subject in research and teaching and will be the director of the Institute for Evidence in Medicine (for Cochrane Germany Foundation). The appointment for the Professorship follows the "Berliner Modell". Furthermore the appointee will be the scientific director of the CDS and board member. A research focus on systematic reviews, methods of evidence based medicine and grading of evidence for clinical recommendations is expected.
Applicants must have extensive knowledge of and experience within The Cochrane Collaboration, including:
  • Authorship or co-authorship of one or more Cochrane Systematic Reviews;
  • Leadership of or significant involvement in one or more of Cochrane’s 120 Groups or Central Executive Team Departments; and, preferably
  • Involvement in Cochrane’s Group Executives, Governing Board or other organization- wide governance, advisory or executive bodies.
The professorships will be established by the Faculty of medicine in support of the Excellence Strategy.
Requirements for the appointment are in addition to the compliance with the employment regulations, the completion of a university degree in medicine, educational qualification and an exceptional doctorate degree. Applicants should have a Habilitation or an equivalent qualification (§ 47 Landeshochschulgesetz (LHG)).
The position is tenured according to § 50 para. 1 Landeshochschulgesetz (LHG) Baden- Württemberg.
The University of Freiburg seeks to increase the number of female scientific faculty members and therefore strongly encourages qualified women to apply for the position. The university is committed to providing a family-friendly workplace. Applicants with disabilities (Schwerbehin­derte) will be given preferential consideration in case of equal qualification.
To download the necessary application forms please refer to: http://www.med.uni-freiburg.de/en/administration/appellate-procedure?set_language=en.
For further information please contact:
Tel. +49-761-270-84661/84620; Fax +49-761-270-84670;
e-mail: dekanat-professuren@uniklinik-freiburg.de
Applications with all pertinent documents (incl. teaching experience) should be sent by e-mail (professuren-bewerbungen@uniklinik-freiburg.de) no later than November 9th 2017 to the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Dr. K. Krieglstein, University of Freiburg, 79085 Freiburg, Germany.
Further information on the appointment procedure can be found in the Code for Practice for professorial appointments, available under

Closing date: 09.11.2017
Closing date: 9 November 2017 Published on academics.com on date 12 October 2017
In your application, please refer to academics.com