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Associate / Assistant Prof. in Interior Design Architectural Engineering

The Interior Design Engineering Department at Gulf University in Bahrain is seeking to appoint an Assistant/Associate Professor specialized in Interior Design. Applications are invited for a creative individual to teach on the undergraduate Interior Design Engineering programme with special focus on Design and Technology. Applicants must hold a PhD in Interior Design in addition to a Masters or Bachelor degree in Interior Design. Applicants are expected to be familiar with the credits hours system and related quality assurance issues in higher education. Selected candidate will contribute to research and scholarly activity in addition to participating in programmes' development. Expected start date is the first of September 2017.

Interested candidates can send a cover letter, CV and portfolio to: email: jobs@gulfuniversity.edu.bh Or visit: www.gulfuniversity.edu.bh - Careers page

Job Description:
Main Duties

The Associate Professor shall fulfill individual responsibilities as set out by the Head of Department/Dean of College, and shall be responsible for the following activities:
Teaching and Learning
  • Teach specified credit hours/week as per HEC regulations. This may be reduced in proportion to the increase in management duties.
  • Administer curriculum design and development in order to teach a variety of courses (including new programs and courses) at different levels.
  • Assist in development of the quality assurance framework in College level validating or revalidating courses.
  • Deliver knowledge with applied skills, methods and methodologies.
  • Inspire continuous improvement of creative methods in designing and delivering courses to ensure compliance of teaching design and delivery with the quality framework and regulatory authorities.
  • Inspire critical system thinking and enhance students’ ability of engagement in analytical conversation.
In addition to the main duties in teaching, the Associate Professor shall focus more on scientific research and publications through:
  • Participating in developing and implementing the University’s research strategy.
  • Coordinating research activity in specialized field that includes relevant research proposal and objectives.
  • Participating in collaborative research.
  • Writing or making significant contribution to publications or disseminate research findings.
  • Applying research findings in real situation.
  • Presenting paper(s) at national and international conferences.
  • Carrying out independent research.
  • Contributing to peer assessment for research.
  • Updating knowledge in field or specialism.

In principle, the Associate Professor is an academic of high professional reputation. Associate Professor’s qualifications include the following as stated in the Academic Regulations of the Higher Education Council (HEC Decisions No. 2/2007):
  • Holds PhD degree or an equivalent.
  • Worked as an Associate Professor in a Higher Educational Institute recognized by HEC.
Gulf University further recognizes the following qualifications for appointment of Associate Professors:
  • Academic leaders, strategic thinkers, and systematic decision-makers.
  • Ability to create and maintain effective work relationships with staff.
  • Experienced in developing teaching curriculum and managing quality enhancement in higher education environment.
  • Excellent communicators with solid interpersonal skills.
  • Active in scholarly research in higher educational institutes.
Benefits include:

1. Accommodation Allowance
2. Family Visa - (Spouse and 2 Children Under 18 Years)
3. Family Round Trip Tickets Economy Class to Point of Origin - (2 Children Under 18 Years)
4. Tuition Assistance 100% at Al Hekma International School (2 Children between 3-18 years)
5. Annual Leave Summer vacation at the end of the Academic Year - 42 days.

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