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The Faculty of Law together with the Coordination Centre for Gender Studies and Equal Opportunities of the Karl-Franzens-University of Graz offer the position of a

Aigner-Rollett-Guest Professor for
Women’s and Gender Studies

(temporary contract; for the winter semester 2018/19: 01.10.2018 -31.01.2019)

The lectures in the framework of the guest professorship will deal with ’gender related research in international law and/or political science and international relations with a focus on human rights and/or migration’. The Aigner-Rollett-Guest Professorship comprises a teaching load of 6 hours per week in the area of gender studies/gender research with the focus mentioned above. Lectures can be delivered in german or english. A successful candidate will have demonstrated prior engagement in gender studies and research documented by publications and teaching experience in the areas mentioned above.
Please submit your applications stating the reference number GP/1/99 ex 2016/17 by January 31st 2018 at the latest. For information about the application procedures and other prerequisites, please visit

Closing date: 31.01.2018
Closing date: 31 January 2018 Published on on date 8 December 2017
In your application, please refer to