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What Women earn as Engineers in Germany


Women are not only under-represented in positions in engineering professions. They also earn far less than their male peers do. A recent German salary review highlights the discrepancy to men's salaries, and how factors such as the company size, professional experience and a doctorate affect the salary.

Was Frauen als Ingenieurinnen verdienen© amadorgs - Fotolia.comWomen in engineering disciplines earn far less than their male counterparts
Women earn less than men do - everyone knows that. And this is also the case for engineers. But how great is the discrepancy to men's salaries? "Women often earn less than men in comparable positions. The difference between their pay and that of their male peers tends to be slightly lower than it is in many other professions though," says Heike Friedrichsen from salary consultants, PersonalMarkt.

For female career entrants in engineering disciplines, the differences in salaries lies at almost 12 per cent: while the average gross annual starting salary is 41.513 Euros for women, men already earn an average of 46.439 Euros per year. The discrepancy between salaries increases the more professional experience engineers have: women then earn a quarter less than their male peers do. For the majority of women, the gross annual salary averages 47.222 Euros; for men it is significantly higher, at 59.718 Euros per year.

A doctorate is decisive to the salary

A doctorate is also decisive to the salary in the engineering professions. On average, experienced female engineers with a doctorate earn 15 to 20 per cent more than those without do. The difference is far greater for their male colleagues with professional experience though: male engineers with a doctorate earn significantly more than female engineers with the same qualification - indeed; the difference is at up to 33 per cent. Male career entrants to engineering professions with a doctorate can also look forward to a significantly higher salary than their female peers.

This leaves women with just one final wild card: the company size. Companies with up to 100 employees offer an average gross annual salary of 48.433 Euros; companies with a workforce of more than 1.000 pay female engineers with professional experience 68.409 Euros - almost 40 per cent more.

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