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Systems Biology - Fact or Fiction? - Panel Discussion, February 2, 2012, DECHEMA-Haus/Frankfurt

A better understanding of metabolic processes and the prediction of reactions in living cells would enable the step from empirical research to tailor-made bioprocesses - that seemed to be the promise of systems biology. How far has the discipline fulfilled the expectations so far?

This will be discussed by a panel of the internationally renowned experts R. Balling, University of Luxembourg, J.D. Hoheisel, German Cancer Research Center, S. Neumann, University of Darmstadt and T. Werner, Genomatix Software GmbH. The host is M. Hrabe de Angelis, German Research Center for Environmental Health & TU München. The panel discussion is part of the conference Functional Genomics and Proteomics - Applications, Molecular Diagnostics & Next Generation Sequencing, taking place 2-3 February 2012, Frankfurt am Main.

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