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Research Ranking

Which universities offer the best conditions for researchers and their work? Take a look at the latest CHE Research Ranking, classified by subject.

Germany's best universities for research are in Munich, Heidelberg and Karlsruhe. As an adjunct to this result we now have the new Research Ranking from the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE).

The best universities for mechanical engineering

CHE Research Ranking
© ZEIT-chart; academics.com/ source: CHE

The results are based on the large amount of data accumulated through the research carried out for the CHE University Ranking. It renders research activities transparent at a national level and highlights those faculties in which research is a particular strength. Fundamentally, though, these are not statements about any university as a whole, but about the profiles of particularly successful faculties. For this reason, the CHE has not drawn up a ranking list (first, second ....) but created a leader group of universities which are particularly strong at research in a given subject.

Thus, the university comparison contrasts the research qualities for individual subjects. In all, the CHE looked at 16 subjects from the fields of natural science, engineering, the humanities and social science. This year the CHE has also re-rated the natural sciences - biology, physics and chemistry - plus, in 2006 for the first time, mathematics and medicine.

The best universities for electrical engineering and IT

CHE research ranking
© ZEIT-chart; academics.com/ source: CHE

This year, the Munich University of Technology (TUM) succeeded in placing seven out of eight faculties in the leader group. At Heidelberg University, research was found to be a strength in nine out of thirteen faculties. In all, eight universities can make this claim for at least half of the subjects that were looked at. Newly-qualified for this year's edition of the CHE Champions League were Göttingen and Stuttgart, while the FU Berlin, HU Berlin and University of Bonn dropped out.

The CHE carries out its research every year with the support of the Deutsche Telekom Foundation. While the funding ranking drawn up by the German Research Foundation mainly looks at the third-party funding obtained, the CHE examines the research strengths in the different disciplines using a number of performance criteria.

These subjects were re-rated in 2007:

Mechanical engineering»
Electrical engineering and IT»
Educational science»

These subjects were updated in 2006:


Subjects whose database dates from 2003-2005 are:

Business studies»
Sociology and social sciences»

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