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Research Funding for Professors

By Julia Becker

The higher up the career ladder a researcher is, the greater is the financial support they can apply for.

Research Funding for Professors© Dietmar Klement - iStockphoto.com

Support for personal chairs: The DFG's Heisenberg professorship scheme

The DFG's Heisenberg professorship scheme is aimed at outstanding researchers who meet all of the requirements for a long-term professorship. The support consists of funding for a W2 or W3 professorship at a German university. Participating universities must create the necessary professorship and provide guarantees that the university will assume responsibility for funding the position once the five year funding period is over. The Heisenberg professorship is primarily aimed at scientists who have qualified for a professorship through the DFG's Emmy Noether Programme, DFG project centres, research activities in industry or through mid-level academic positions. Additionally, evaluated junior professors and researchers from abroad can also apply.

Support for high-risk projects: DFG's Reinhart Koselleck Projects

Scientists planning research projects which are highly innovative or which have a high level of risk associated with them can apply for funding from the Reinhart Koselleck Projects. To be eligible for funding, applicants must have qualified or be eligible to qualify for a full professorship and demonstrate an outstanding scientific record. The scheme will only consider projects which, as a result of their unique innovativeness, cannot be funded by other programmes or institutions. The financial support consists of a grant of between €500,000 and €1.25 million which can be spent on personnel, equipment, travel, publications and consumables. The total funding amount is provided in instalments of €250,000 over a period of five years. The scheme is open to both German and international applicants.

Support for visiting international professors: The Mercator Visiting Professorship Programme

Foreign associate professors can obtain funding from the DFG through its Mercator Visiting Professorship programme to allow them to take up a visiting professorship in Germany. Prospective visiting professors must first obtain the approval of the rector of the host university which will also need to lodge the application. The amount of funding provided by the DFG for visiting professors must be matched by the host university. Support provided by this programme consists of a grant to pay for the professorship, return travel costs and travel expenses within Germany totalling €1,500 as well as payment for support staff amounting to €12,500. Applications for Mercator visiting professorships must be made at least four months prior to the start of the visit.

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