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GSaME - Graduate School

Interdisciplinary clusters

Research areas of the GSaME

Research Areas of the GSaME

GSaME is the major scientific institution at the Universty of Stuttgart, Germany, which offers gaining a PhD degree, disposes of individual admission, study, examination and a specific governance structure. 33 professors from 5 faculties at the University of Stuttgart, along with international corporate partners from various scientific and commercial sectors, are promoting a doctoral program in research and development.

The research areas are divided into interdisciplinary clusters:
  • Stuttgart Enterprise Model is the Base
  • Digital and Virtual Engineering
  • Materials and Process Engineering
  • Networking in Manufacturing
  • ICT for Manufacturing
  • Knowledge-based Management
  • Intelligent Production Systems
  • Life Cycle Sustainable Management

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Cluster directors are responsible for the further development of research and scientific education in the specific field within the clusters. The Supervisory Board ist he highest organ oft he graduate School and consits of members from the University of Stuttgart, industry and science. The Scientific Advisory Board is an international committee of representatives from international universities, the University of Stutgart faculties, industry, science and international federations.