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Research and Study at LMU Munich

Academic excellence in research and study

LMU Munich focuses on academic excellence in research and teaching. In the Exellence Initiative, a Germany-wide competitive program designed to strengthen world-class research at universities, LMU took the top spot. This outstanding success in the Initiative's two rounds in 2006 and 2012 impressively demonstrates the University's research strength. As a university with a strong focus on research, LMU also enables gifted young people to lay the foundations for a research career by emphasizing the links between research and course content at all stages of academic training.

Academic diversity

With degree programs available in 150 subjects in numerous combinations, the array of courses LMU Munich has to offer is extremely wide. Some 700 professors and 3,600 academic staff members conduct research and teach in the university's 18 faculties.

49,000 students, 14 percent of whom come to LMU from abroad, are currently taking advantage of these opportunities. They view their studies as an investment in the future, a launching pad for their later careers.

Cutting-edge research - renowned in the world

The know-how and creative intelligence of some 700 professors and 3,600 academic staff members form the foundation of LMU Munich's outstanding research record, which is reflected in its leading position in national and international university rankings.

In addition to the projects supported through the Excellence Initiative, LMU participates in 22 Collaborative Research Centers, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). In 9 of these, LMU is the designated host university. Furthermore, LMU has garnered more of the prestigious grants awarded by the European Research Council (ERC) than any other German university. Indeed, only eight universities in Europe have a better record in this highly competitive program, which supports ground-breaking basic research. LMU Munich aquires some 120 million euros of third-party funding annually and is deeply involved in national and international support programs.

Attracting the most brilliant researchers worldwide

In order to uphold its position among global competitors for the best researchers, LMU Munich primarily uses funds from the Excellence Initiative to optimize conditions for top-level research.

Within the scope of its institutional strategy LMUexcellent, LMU Munich has developed a number of specific measures, including Research Professorships and Visiting Professorships enabling distinguished academics from German and international institutions to dedicate themselves wholly to research for a period of up to five years, and a High Potential Fund for realizing innovative research ideas. These instruments are supplemented by the Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) which promotes the interdisciplinary academic exchange of recognized researchers at LMU Munich and fosters participation of visiting scholars in research and academic life at the university.

In addition, appointment procedures have been streamlined and may be conducted proactively in appropriate cases. By offering attractive terms for strategically important positions, LMU Munich has succeeded in winning leading researchers from all over the world. The provision of equal opportunities for men and women is a key factor in increasing research and teaching quality over the long term; by implementing targeted equal opportunity measures, LMU Munich is able to guarantee that the potential of its existing talent is utilized to the full.

Promoting excellent young academics

LMU Munich places particular emphasis on promoting the next generation of academics. Its Academic Career Program creates favorable conditions for research and further education for excellent young researchers at all stages of the academic career - from doctoral studies to professorship.

The program promotes the support and continued qualification of doctoral students. Well funded research fellowships attract excellent young academics from all over the world to LMU Munich. Tenure Track Professorships make it easier for outstanding young professors to make the step into full-time employment. Moreover, LMU Munich has established the Graduate Center as the central advice and service instance for doctoral training. It assists in devising new doctoral programs and provides a range of services to support graduate students while working on their doctorates.