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Doctoral and postdoctoral positions


PhD and Postdoctoral positions at the Hector Fellow Academy

Young scientists whose next career step is to obtain a PhD degree can apply at the Hector Fellow Academy. Moreover, the Hector Fellows advertise postdoctoral vacancies for interdisciplinary projects in which several Hector Fellows are involved.

PhD positions

The Hector Fellow Academy financially supports PhD positions for master students from all over the world who apply with an innovative, self-developed scientific issue within the research field of one of the Hector Fellows. Hector Fellow Academy PhD students are employed for three years at the institute of their supervising Hector Fellow where they plan and conduct their research project. Thereby, students will benefit from the experience and the research network of the Hector Fellows.

PhD students of the Hector Fellow Academy are employed as full-time research assistants at the institute of their supervising Hector Fellows (according to the general pay scale of German universities approx. 47,000 EUR gross income per year) and receive grants for research expenses (15,000 EUR per year). Furthermore, they have the possibility to gain interdisciplinary expertise and relevant soft skills by participating in selected training activities, e.g. in management modules at the HECTOR School of Engineering and Management.

Postdoctoral positions

To promote common scientific projects between different Hector Fellows, they have the possibility to obtain financial support by applying for postdoctoral vacancies through the Hector Fellow Academy. The vacancy will be announced by the Hector Fellows concerned.

Postdoctoral researchers of the Hector Fellow Academy are employed for 1 to 2 years at the corresponding institute of the supervising Hector Fellow (according to TV-L 13-15). Furthermore, they receive as much as 20.000€ per year materials expenses for their research project and have the possibility to take part in selected management modules of the HECTOR School of Engineering and Management.