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Of course, jobs for software engineers are at the forefront of modern research. Digital computers did not appear until the 1940s, and it is then that the first feats of software engineering were seen. The field would be unrecognisable without the invention of programming language in the late 1950s and both hardware and software developed at a rapid pace. New innovations went out-of-date almost immediately such was the level and speed of development that the field saw throughout the second half of the twentieth century. Technologies that appeared in science fiction less than a hundred years before were being developed, and ideas that couldn't be conceived of a few decades ago are now consumer goods found in the average household. The science of software engineering is young, but the research in this field has surely made a splash.

The jobs that are listed here at academics.com reflect the boom that is now being seen academia in software engineering. If you are looking for a job for a software engineer, there are many, many options open to you no matter what stage of your career you are at, and whether you want to work at universities, research institutes or research companies, you can find possibilities to suit your career path.

Of course finding the right jobs depends on your personal situation and exactly how you want to develop your career. academics.com can help you with this too. From here you can find all types of information and advice to guide you through any stage of your career if you are starting out and planning to undertake a traditional doctorate or wondering about professorships. academics.com also has unrivalled expertise if you are thinking about taking the next step in one of the many research locations in Germany as well as all the information you need about visas, insurance and the average computer software engineering salary.

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