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A job as a professor is often the ultimate goal of an academic career. Of course there is a large amount of variation between individual jobs but the general rule of this type of senior position is that it entails a certain amount of independent research but also teaching or administrative roles. These numerous aspects of the job are one of the reasons why so many academics are after them - it is not just research but rather all sorts of varied responsibilities. There is also the possibility to shape your own role by taking on additional responsibilities at your faculty or to lead additional classes or start research groups.

Although professors seem to have earned the ultimate prize for years in academia, it is sadly the case that many people work for all that time without ever being rewarded with a senior position. Up to a point, getting to this stage is a matter of luck, but also important is the standard of postdoc jobs you have had up to that point and also the number of peer-reviewed papers you have had published. To outcompete your contemporaries, you have to have had career development in mind from your very first steps into the world of your research field and this is where academics.com comes into its own.

academics.com has a particularly strong selection of jobs for professors as well as all the information you may need to help you on your way to your final career goal. Whether you would like to know about networking for a successful career in academia, the alternative to academia: conducting research in industry or employer profiles, academics.com is there with the relevant information. An academic career is by no means an easy option, but here you can find the support to help you develop your career and hopefully realise the goal of becoming a university professor.

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