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Jobs that involve physics give you an unrivalled number of options whether you want to conduct fundamental or applied research. Physics is often thought of by the public as the least accessible science; the one whose concepts are hardest to grasp. Despite this, it is also perhaps the science which most captures their collective imagination, as shown by the universal fascination with developments in astrophysics as well as in other areas, such as media storm surrounding the particle physics research conducted at CERN. This is perhaps no surprise: physics tackles subjects that are integral to the nature of the world and that we all experience but are unable to explain, meaning this field is bound to ignite our curiosity.

Careers in physics can entail multiple disciplines and exciting possibilities. As well as the well-known career paths such as jobs and vacancies in astronomy, cross-disciplinary research with other vacancies in natural sciences or applied research with jobs in engineering are popular career choices among physicists. Interest in research in this area never fades and as such, opportunities are plentiful.

Before applying for a job, it is always important to research your options, but it can be difficult to find all the right information. How do you write successful applications? What are the best ways to finance a doctorate? And where do you start if you are considering working in Germany, Austria or Switzerland? Here, academics.com does not just help you find the right jobs involving physics, but can also act as your comprehensive career guide.

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