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Microbiologists are at the forefront of the current developments in life sciences. As its name suggests, this field owes its existence to the enlightenment scientists responsible for the microscope but really came into its own with the genesis of bacteriology and virology in the 1800's. In essence, microbiology is the study of microscopic organisms which includes the pure study of bacteria, fungi and viruses among others. From here it is not a far cry to see the potential for microbiology as an applied science, as a career in this field is a natural bedfellow of jobs and vacancies in medical research. This field, therefore, offers a unique blend of highly sophisticated, pure research and the option to move into different areas and work with researchers from other fields.

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Finding the right job is, however, nothing without having a comprehensive understanding of the microbiology research field and how to maximise your potential. If you need information about working in Germany, funding opportunities in research, or applications in academia, let academics.com accompany you in your career and act as your guide to allow you to find the perfect microbiology job.

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