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Use academics.com to find new and exciting electrical engineering research jobs. This is a field that has boomed in recent times, and sits at the cutting edge of research, expanding beyond recognition from its origins, despite its short past. A theme that has occupied electrical engineers since the very beginning and has remained of concern right into the digital age is telecommunications. The pace of the development is astounding, with technology that was recently thought of as cutting-edge, already forgotten about other than as a historical oddity. One must only look at telegraph which changed the world beyond recognition, but is unbelievably simple compared to the technology now available.

So is the work of the electrical engineer, and this is one of the main perks of working in electrical engineering: research which will truly shape the future. Of course, there are all types other sub-fields including power engineering, process engineering, but clearly information technology jobs and electrical and electronic engineering jobs cover lots of mutual ground. As with many fields of engineering, there is plenty of research going on and it is very possible to find great positions at all stages of your career whether you want to do a PhD, find postdoctoral funding opportunities, or reach the heights of a faculty positions.

Of course, you cannot find the right job without first knowing what it is you are looking for, and academics.com can help you arrive at that realisation. Career development is what we are all about, and you can use this site as your base to find everything you may need to know about careers in research including tips for a successful application and networking for a successful career in academia in Germany Austria or Switzerland. Let academics.com help you to find the right electrical engineering jobs for you.

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