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Anyone looking for biology jobs in research and academia is taking up a place in a science with a long tradition and an almost inexhaustible potential for innovation. Since ancient times, man has been driven to the study of nature and the building blocks of life. As with all scientific fields, however, progress was stuck in a rut until biology took sudden strides forward in the nineteenth century. The 1800 saw a shift of focus from taxonomy to the cutting-edge fields of cell biology and, of course, the ground-breaking ideas set out in Darwin's On the Origin of Species. These developments moved the science far beyond the relatively simple categorisation of earlier centuries and put the emphasis on new and exciting ideas. From that point, all sorts of new concepts and entire subfields emerged, expanding the horizons for innovation still further.

There are, therefore, plenty of opportunities for biologists and vacancies in life sciences today. Academic jobs with biology as their research focus are both plentiful and varied. If you are looking for jobs for PhD students, or options for postdocs, there is no dearth of chances. Many of the most exciting vacancies at universities and research institutes can be found at academics.com.

Throughout the course of any career, there are times of uncertainty and important decisions to be made. Here, academics.com can be your guide to help you find out everything you may need about careers in research. From here you can find tips for a successful postdoc application, how to finance a doctorate, and information about salaries in academia in Germany. Use academics.com as a companion to your career as well as to help you find the perfect research biology job.

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