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For those looking for agricultural science jobs in research, there are many exciting opportunities in a field which will always have relevance. It is almost impossible to pinpoint the beginning of this science, as attempts to maximise the output and efficiency of agriculture are as old as the practice itself. However, for most of history these attempts were far removed from the scientific method, and perhaps agricultural science, as it is known today, saw its genesis with the genetic discoveries of Mendel. In the late nineteenth century its potential as a new field of research was recognised, and it was further developed in America. By its very nature an applied science, work in this area can entail all manner of research into fertilisers, pest management, crop and livestock management, genetics or even the social implications of agriculture.

This means that research agriculture science jobs can require knowledge of any number of other fields, and can be closely related to jobs in chemistry, biology and the social sciences. This, of course, makes jobs in agricultural science particularly rewarding, giving you the chance to conduct interdisciplinary research among colleagues with varied backgrounds. Some of the most exciting academic job opportunities in this field can be found at academics.com.

Before setting out on taking up a new position, it is wise to gain a comprehensive overview of your career prospects. Whether you are not sure about what salaries in science and research to expect, how to choose research locations in Germany or how to find research funding your research, let academics.com act as your career guide. You can find out all you need to know, whether you are looking for a faculty jobs, postdocs or agricultural science PhD position.

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