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In September 2011 the Institute for Design Research/Institut für Designforschung, Oldenburg, Germany, is represented on WORLD GREEN DESIGN FORUM, Lugano, and WORLD RESOURCES FORUM, Davos, Switzerland.

Prof. h.c. Helmut Langer - Advisory Board Member of Institute for Design Research/Institut für Designforschung, Oldenburg - is invited as an international sustainability expert and professor at various academies in Europe, China and India to attend the inaugural meeting of the WORLD GREEN DESIGN FORUM in Lugano (Switzerland) on Friday, September 9th, 2011. At this Chinese international initiative he will represent the International Institute for Information Design (IIID), the International Council of Graphic Design Associtations (Icograda) and the Institute for Design Research (Germany). <http://idfidf.org/index.php/Letters/content?id=21>

Helmut Langer - internationally renowned communication designer, specialised on visual design for global communication - is also invited to speak at the WORLD RESOURCES FORUM 2011 in Davos (Switzerland), September19-21. He will give a workshop on ''Visual Creativity for Sustainability Communication''.The presentation comprehends thoughts and ideas about the complex context of visual creativity for sustainable information and education, and includes samples of various global communication projects for international organisations and initiatives. Helmut Langer from the Institute for Design Research is the only designer speaking at WRF 2011, an event in a series of bi-annual high-profile conferences on global resources issues. The WORLD RESOURCES FORUM is a science-based platform to exchange knowledge about the economic, political and environmental implications of global resouces use. <www.worldresourcesforum.org>

For further information please contact: Reinhard Komar, Prof. h.c. Prof. HEBIC Dipl.-Des., CEO Institute for Design Research Marie-Curie-Straße 1 26129 Oldenburg, Germany Tel. 0049 (0)441 3611 6640 Fax 0049 (0)441 3611 6649 <r.komar@designforschung.de> <www.design-research.de>

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