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IHP Expands its SiGe PDK Offerings for Use with Agilent Technologies' ADS 2011 Release

IHP - Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany, today announced the availability of leading-edge Advanced Design System (ADS) process design kits (PDKs) for its 0.25 m SiGe process (SG25H3) and 0.13 m SiGe process (SG13S). The upgraded and further improved kits work seamlessly with ADS 2011 and ADS 2009 Update 1, as well as prior ADS releases, and enable both IHP and Agilent customers to take full advantage of the significant breakthroughs in ADS 2011.

The IHP PDKs, developed for use with ADS from Agilent Technologies, enables RF designers to design MMICs such as LNAs, mixers and power amplifiers. The IHP SiGe PDKs includes a complete set of MOSFETs, SiGe bipolar transistors, passive components such as poly resistors, MIM capacitors and inductors, diodes and contacts. The technology contains two thick aluminum layers for high-Q passive elements. Important layout components are fully scalable and are characterized to meet the IHP technology performance. The IHP process design kits support a complete ADS front-to-back design flow with design rule check (DRC) rules.

"Our customers require dedicated RF design flow support to handle the advanced challenges of today's sophisticated RF and microwave designs," said Dr. Renè Scholz, head of IHP's MPW & Prototyping Service. "Agilent's ADS platform has grown in popularity for silicon-based RFIC design and offering a complete ADS design kit, including layout tools and integrated EM support, gives us and our customers the advantage of Agilent's proven expertise in RF and microwave design. Additionally, our customers gain confidence about the accuracy of their designs at high frequencies and avoid additional design cycles."

"The combination of ADS and the IHP's SiGe design kits provides our mutual RF customers access to a powerful, integrated design solution for a fast and efficient RFIC design flow," said Juergen Hartung, foundry program manager of Agilent's EEsof EDA organization. "With these kits, our customers can now enjoy the industry's most comprehensive multi-technology design platform using qualified substrate definitions files for Momentum, the industry-leading 3D planar EM simulator, our integrated full 3D FEM engine, industry proven design-for-manufacturing capabilities inside ADS, and an upgraded design rule checker. The kits have dedicated RF & microwave design support like a MMIC toolbar personality and transmission line libraries to help streamline the MMIC design process."

idw :: 20.09.2011